Jesus and Wine

Staying Connected

I’m sure we all have those running group messages on our phones. You know, those messages that allow us to stay connected in those important relationships that, let’s face it, we just don’t get to enjoy as much as we’d like. I know I have several of these ongoing groups, and I’m so thankful for them. We each go on with our day-to-day activities, and many of us do this life we live without those important people geographically close to us. But those brief glimpses of each other’s lives allow us to enjoy one another and remember the times that initially brought us together.

One of those running group messages I have is with my friends from college. You spend four years of your life (maybe longer), day-in and day-out, with these people, your people. Then in no time, you all go your separate ways. There are few of us that live in close proximity, so these messages serve, in a way, as our life line to one another.

Another one of those group messages I have is with my sisters. My am I ever thankful for those two! Since my family just recently moved 600 miles away from them, I am once again, ever thankful for technology. They’re my sounding board for my various venture seeking ideas (these usually happen during nap time), the ones I can send 1,000 snapchats of my kids to and they’ll always love getting them, and two that I know are always a constant, no matter what season I’m in.

How it All Began

During one of our group messages, one of my sisters told me they thought I should just start a blog. I think they were trying to start an intervention because they were sick of me sharing new, weekly business ideas with them. Again, during nap time when I should be cleaning, my mind runs a little wild. Lucky them, they get to hear about it all. Little did they know, I’d take their little blogging advice. Thanks sisters!

With this blogging venture obviously comes technology. I have a love hate relationship with technology. It is ever changing our world both in good ways and bad ways. The bad: I spend way too much time on social media. Just ask my husband, and I worry about raising kids with technology and monitoring what they’re exposed to; however, my love for it comes in the fact that because of this tech world we live in, we have the opportunity to continue to share with those close to us through words, pictures, and videos. It can make us feel as if the distance isn’t quite so far, even if for just a moment.

My season of life right now is pretty simple in words. Wife and mom. Of course, also daughter, sister, friend, but those two words, wife and mom, sum up my everyday life. It’s a hard season, but it’s one that I wouldn’t change for the world.
Not too long ago, in this college friend running group message of ours, one of my friends said when they started having kids, they would need some parenting advice. My advice was simple: “Jesus and wine. Lots of Jesus. Lots of wine.” Side note: This is especially true during supper and bath time. At these times, you’ll need even more Jesus and want even more wine.

Let me stop you right there. Please keep reading. I know that not everyone chooses to drink, can drink, agrees with drinking, etc. Jesus and wine is an expression for a moment. That moment your child is taking off their diaper and saying, “Momma, I potty on floor”, or the moment when your child hasn’t adjusted to their new bed and after trying for an hour and a half to get them to nap in it you just give up, or the moment when your two year old takes the newly filled salt shaker and sprinkles a little salt in every room of the house. Those are Jesus and wine moments. When you think oh my goodness, I can’t make it one more minute in this day. I have T-minus 5 hours until bedtime when I can enjoy some Jesus and wine. So, please substitute whatever it is you dream of having at the end of the day when everyone is fed and tucked away fast asleep. Jesus and coffee. Jesus and a bubble bath. Jesus and Parenthood. And probably every parents favorite, Jesus and sleep. Anyways, off my soap box and back to the story.

This college friend of mine seeking future parenting advice responded saying that sounded like the great start to a memoir. She got me thinking, you know, the way those important people in your life make you do. I am definitely not starting a memoir for everyone’s sake, but I do want to document this season.

Jesus and Wine

Every day has ups and downs, smiles and frowns, laughs and cries (sometimes their cries, sometimes mine). Every day is busy. Every day comes to an end. Because of how wild each day is with these crazy, fun, and honestly, sometimes frustrating boys of mine, it’s easy to forget at the end of the day what made me want to pull my hair out that day and what made me laugh until I cried.

When people see me and how close in age my boys are to one another (15 months – yes, we know how it happens, thanks), I get many comments. Many unwarranted comments as we all know people these days have no filters; however, many people often tell me, while they’re witnessing one of those before mentioned tantrums, or me loading two kids two and under into our very heavy double stroller (imagine how graceful I look), “the days are long, but the years are short.” The days are in fact, very long, but as we just celebrated a second birthday and a first birthday, I am learning more than ever, the years are in fact just that. Short. And I don’t want to forget one day. Well ok, let’s be honest, maybe a day here and there wouldn’t be bad to forget.

This is a way to document those long days, happy days, and Jesus and wine moments. For me, for my husband, for my boys, our families, and for those important relationships we keep up with through group messaging. Hopefully, it will also be a way to provide entertainment, support, and a sigh of relief to another mom out there who faces the same challenges I do. My theory is, if someone else has googled it before you, i.e., how to get your child to stay in their bed, how to get your child to stay in time out, how to get your child to stop running in the street, etc., you can’t be the only one wondering if you’re doing this whole parenting thing wrong. I assure you, that one, you’re not alone, and two, you’re not doing it wrong. Just the simple fact that your googling it makes you at least a mediocre parent, right?

A long first post but a document as to how I got here. I hope you decide to join me on this exciting journey and find yourself relating to our crazy, circus-like, Jesus-loving adventure we call life. Now let me run, those wild boys are currently wrestling in our makeshift ball pit while trying to knock pictures off the wall. I know today I’ll need lots of Jesus, and maybe even a little wine.

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