I Have a Confession

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I Have a Confession

Ok y’all, confession time. My mouth has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years. I think if you were to ask my parents who their most difficult child was, it would definitely be me. Don’t get me wrong, overall, I feel like I was a pretty good child; however, nine times out of ten, no make that ten times out of ten, I was in trouble for having a smart mouth. I talked back, I mouthed off, and I always had to have the last word. Sorry mom and dad.

Really, I get it now, and I. Am. Sorry. Those payback children will do that to you. I can already tell you, sweet baby James is my payback child. My family already calls him, “Little Casey”. I’m sure my parents will have a great time over the years sitting back and watching him give me a run for my money.

If I’m really getting honest, my mouth still gets me in trouble sometimes. I still sometimes forget to bite my tongue, and I still like to have the last word every now and then – sorry husband. I would like to think I am not the only one that sometimes struggles with saying the wrong things.

When I was younger, it was always easy to fall into those gossiping conversations that also led my mouth to get me in trouble. Thankfully with that one, the older I get, the easier it has become to avoid gossiping situations. There’s something to that whole wisdom comes with age thing. If only I could go back and take some things I’ve said back. I have always admired those few people that have entered my life that I can honestly say I have never heard them say a bad word about anyone. Those people are so few and far between, but they truly are special.

God Wink

In high school, I had the most awesome youth minister. Lucky for me, the older I became, the closer we became, and now I get to call her friend. I was even blessed enough to not only teach with her, but also to teach her sweet boys.

In high school, she told us about this book. The jest of the book is that coincidences are not coincidences at all, but they are a wink from God. Let me tell you, I have never looked at a coincidence the same. Isn’t it so much more moving to think of them that way? It truly has changed my perspective throughout the years.

This morning, I experienced my own little God wink. As the Lenten season is quickly approaching, I have been trying to decide what I would like to do. I think a common misconception with Lent is that you have to give up something, however, that’s not true. You can also choose to do something instead. Over the past several years, I have always tried to do something as opposed to giving something up, simply because it seems to mean more to me personally.

I Hear You, God

As I read today’s Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion, I noticed at the bottom that it had a little blurb about Lent, so I decided to do some investigating. If you don’t read Proverbs 31 Devotions, you should download the free app and start. They are great!

After investigating, I found that one of the Proverbs 31 team members is leading a 40 day Lenten devotion. And get this, it is about using your words wisely. Ok God, I hear ya! You’re certainly talking to me this morning because heaven knows I could use some reinforcement in that area. Check out this website to get more information on the Lenten journey she is leading.

There is a book that goes along with the journey, but she is quick to tell you that you do not have to have the book to participate. Thanks to my brother-in-law always getting me my beloved Amazon gift card for Christmas, I jumped on over and ordered the Kindle edition so that I can be fully prepared for the 40 days of learning to make good choices with my mouth!

Doing it Together

The verse that immediately came to mind was this: My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. (James 1:19) Hopefully I can reflect on this verse and and remember it when my mouth wants to get the best of me.

We parents need to support each other not only with the hard parenting moments that call for #jesusandwine, but also in our daily walks that help us become better spouses, better parents, better friends, and to my parents – better children. The best part of this is that there is a community of people doing it together, which always seems to hold me a little more accountable. Let me know if you’d like to join me in this process! I’d like to think I didn’t just make a mouthy confession that no one else struggles with. If so, don’t tell me! I’ll just sit back and keep being Mom of the Year with my quick mouth.




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