How to Entertain a Toddler on an Airplane

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Don’t Do It

Alright y’all, I am about to give you some very good advice. If you have more than one child, especially more than one young child, you really need to listen to what I am about to say. I can’t really relate if you only have one child because I don’t remember what that’s like. Did we ever only have one child?? Oh yeah, for about 7 months until I found I was pregnant with baby boy #2. 

Needless to say, I don’t remember much about that concept, but I’m sure if you only have one child you may be able to relate to what I’m about to tell you as well.

Ready? Ok, here goes. If you have a trip planned, and it is in drivable distance, DRIVE. For the love of all that is holy, do not fly with those people (i.e. your kids) if you don’t have to. And when I say drivable distance, I mean anything up to around 10 hours or so. For real. I drive ten hours with my one and two year old’s on a regular basis, by myself, and it is quite doable. Flying with them, with my husband there to help = JESUS. AND. WINE. It is not doable.

Ok, it’s doable, but it will seriously make you rethink this parenthood thing, only, it’s way too late to rethink this parenthood thing, so just don’t do it. 

Y’all, if you drive, they are RESTRAINED!! Need I say more? And if you tell me there are seat belts on planes or that you can put your child’s car seat on the airplane, you’ve never had two toddler boys where one has his own seat and one is “in arms.”


Exceptions to this rule: You have one child, or you have girls. I have quickly learned yes, there is a huge difference in boys and girls, and unless you have both or have been around both on a consistent basis, you probably think I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I keep telling myself that boys are hard while they’re younger and will grow up to be easy, but girls are easy while they’re younger and then their parents will have to deal with all their nonsense when they’re older; therefore, I’m just getting the nonsense over sooner rather than later. Sorry parent’s of girls, I forewarned ya. If you have both and know this actually isn’t true, please don’t rain on my parade and tell me I’m wrong. Thanks in advance.


My husband seriously asked me if I wanted to meet him in Orlando at the end of his conference so we could take the boys to Disney World. Yeah, that sounds great and all, except for the fact that I’d be flying with them both by myself. No thank you. Have you ever tried to change a toddlers diaper on an airplane? Much less two toddler’s diapers because let’s face it, I’m not letting the “potty-trained” toddler wear underwear on the airplane. And y’all, that’s just the diaper changing issue. Don’t get me started on all the other issues. I’m pretty sure I looked at Chad like he had about six heads. He got the memo pretty quickly. Next time, Disney World. Next time being when they are capable of going to the bathroom by themselves on the airplane, and, or when we live somewhere that is in the before mentioned drivable distance to Disney World.

Believe it or not, the whole point of this article is how to keep toddlers entertained on an airplane, if I haven’t scared you from trying it yet. Both of our boys have actually flown several times, so you’d think we would have it down by now, but not quite so much; however, I have had a few friends recently ask me how they should keep their kids entertained on their upcoming flights, so I started thinking I should just write down my suggestions and share. 

Can I add that one of those friends kids did well and one of those friends kids slept on the first flight? Maybe it’s time I just start coming to terms with the fact that maybe it’s just my kids? 

Airplane Activities

Now, I must say, I personally think these are all great ideas, and if we had one child, or only girls, or toddlers that weren’t uh hmm… spirited, they may work better. I must say though, I really think for our upcoming flight next week (please start praying for us now), I am going to rock this whole flying with toddlers thing. Side note: the only reason we are flying is because it is a 15+ hour drive to see my husband’s family in Kentucky, so that’s when I give in and we fly. 

Here’s what I have in the Mary Poppins’ Airplane bag for our flight:

  1. Finger Crayons – Ok, I mean these are just way cooler than regular crayons, and they’ve never used them before, so they’ll be amazed by them. Don’t forget a coloring book or paper – mental note to self, I haven’t packed that yet! We always take crayons with us wherever we go, and we always get at least a few minutes of entertainment out of them.
  2. Grab and Go Book to Color – I know I just said crayons, but if you can’t find finger crayons, get one of these grab and go color books. They’re already in a bag that zips, which is perfect for a plane ride!
  3. The 3 Little Pigs Felt Book – So this was actually a steal I found at Target, and I can’t seem to find the same one online, but you can google “felt story books” and there are many things that come up. Plus, if you’re super creative and a mom of the year, you can make your own. In this house, ain’t nobody got time for that!

  4. Felt Counting Pizza – This was another Target steal that I can’t find online, but this one would be super easy to make, and even though I said, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” I could/would make this one pretty quickly. Motor skills, math, interactive – check, check, check! Toddlers love to learn new things, so learning activities are great for little ones. If you have an elementary kid, maybe not so much. Just give them your iPad.
  5. Play N’ Learn Puzzle Pairs – So I know you’re thinking a puzzle on a plane, no way, but hear me out. These are puzzle pairs, meaning there are only two pieces to each puzzle, so you can give your child 2-3 puzzle pairs at a time, let them match, then give them 2-3 more pairs. We have these and these.
  6. Glow Sticks – New pack of glow sticks? Yes, please. They can enjoy popping them to make all of the colors show up, they can connect them and make bracelets, they can wave them in the air like they just don’t care. Bottom line, kids love glow sticks. This will knock a few more minutes off of our in air time countdown.
  7. Gel clings – Ok, this one is a must. Get a window seat and give the child these! If you have a Target, you can usually always find some in Bullseye’s Playground. This will knock more than a few minutes off the clock, unless your toddler puts everything in his mouth like our 19 month old, then they may eat them all, but really, this one has been a lifesaver for us. Get over your germ issues, they will drop them on the floor, and they will be nasty, but let’s remember the end goal here: minutes. off. the clock.
  8. Painter’s Tape – I’ve written a few times about painter’s tape and how my kids love it, but really, they love it. Give them pieces of painter’s tape and let them stick it to everything around them. It comes off easily with no residue. Cheap entertainment.
  9. Don’t forget your go-to’s that you know your kids love – Download some apps on your phone, download their favorite movie on your iPad, buy a sticker book, and let them put stickers all over you. They think it’s hilarious.
  10. SNACKS – When all else fails, bring out the ridiculous bag of snacks you always carry with you as a mom because snacks are always a win!

Bonus Tips

I also must say that I think part of what will make this successful is that the boy’s have not seen the majority of these activities yet, and they won’t until we get on the flight. New things are always more exciting than things they’ve seen before!

Also, I bought this handy, dandy, organizer that has these great pockets to put everything into! All I have to do is put the folder down into our carry on, and we are set to go! Think about all of the stuff you’d take for entertainment, and one folder organizer really doesn’t take up much more room.

For more great ideas, go check out my mom blogger friend at Beautifully Imperfect Mama, and see how she entertained her little one on their last flight when reality set in!

Wish us Luck

So wish us look, say a prayer or two, and I’ll let you know how our next plane adventure goes 🙂 How do you keep your toddlers entertained on an airplane?

Disclaimer: I don’t really think I have it harder than girl parent’s or parent’s of only one child. Parenthood is hard regardless of the gender of how many there are! I’m simply bringing humor to the reality of life with wild, toddler boys. 

I Dropped My Son. On His Head.

Parenting Fail

Latest Parenting Fail: I forgot to mention in my last post that I straight up dropped my child. In a gas station parking lot. On his head. People saw it happen. I hid with him in the front seat.

The Story

The story goes something like this:

We were traveling to the beach and about 45 minutes into the drive, Weston had a dirty diaper. Of course he did. Nothing can be too easy around here. Anyways, instead of putting shoes on both kids and towing them into the gas station bathroom by myself, (Chad wasn’t going to the beach for a couple of more days), I had the bright idea to change him in the front seat of the car. That way, I could leave James strapped into his carseat, and I wouldn’t have to put anyone’s shoes on. Great plan! Only, it wasn’t.

Fast forward. I get his diaper changed, mental note to self, he is way too big to change him in the front seat of the car anymore. If you don’t know our angel baby 16 month old, he is a little on the bigger side. I say that with all the love in the world.

After having a child that is not even in the first percentile for weight, I gladly welcome our 99th percentile baby. Our two year old has been stuck, prodded, tested, seen more than a handful of specialists, and put on several special “diet” plans because he can’t gain weight (another post for another time), so I’m over the moon about having a chunky monkey!

He looks like a baby and acts like a baby, but 2T clothes are almost too small for him. He weighs almost 30 pounds, and he has the juiciest thighs with a plump little bottom. I tell you all of this so you can visualize the event that led up to me dropping him.

The Event Itself

So, the diaper is changed, and we’re pulling up our 2T shorts. “Pulling up his shorts” is really more of a “shake him into his shorts.” Remember those juicy thighs I was telling you about? Yeah. So, I’m shaking. He’s laughing. He decides to lean forward while I’m shaking, which results in him falling on the concrete head first. The laughing quickly turned to crying. Oh. My. Gosh. I just dropped my baby, on his head, on the concrete.

Shrieks. Shrills. Hysterics. Of course there was a car right there with a man in the front seat that I KNOW had to have seen the whole thing play out, so I quickly scoop him up, rock him in the front seat, repetitively say I’m so sorry, and hide until that car leaves the gas station. Talk about feeling like the worst mother in the world. I was shocked that man didn’t call Child Protective Services on me. I’m not going to lie, I straight up would’ve been questioning some moms ability had I seen her do what I did.

Catholic Conscience

Remember that time I wrote about that Catholic conscience of mine? Well, it was fully active after this event. When I was pulling out of the gas station, I saw a cop car with the passenger door open. It crossed my mind that they might stop me to make sure I was a suitable parent and that my child was ok. Needless to say, I think that was all a little paranoia, and the cops really didn’t know anything about the incident.

Of course my mom called and I had to tell her what I did. Then, I had to call Chad and tell him I dropped our perfect, little baby because well, Catholic conscience. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I just feel like I need to tell you that I just dropped Weston, and he hit his head. He’s ok, but I would feel guilty if I didn’t tell you.

Chad: Laughs a little. Well, ok, you didn’t have to tell me that. Are you ok?

Me: Yes, I’m fine. I just feel like the worst mother in the world and am waiting on CPS to contact me. And yes, I had to tell you because when you see him in a couple of days you’ll see the big bruise and knot on his forehead and ask me what happened.

Chad: I think he’s going to be fine. You’re not the worst mother in the world. You’re a great mother. It happens. Now when he’s a teenager and doing something stupid I can tell him well son, your mother dropped you on your head as a child.

Me: That’s not funny.

Thank God for an understanding and forgiving husband.

For the next two hours, I constantly looked in the rearview mirror to check on him and make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep because that’s the one time I would have woken a sleeping baby!

Feeling Better About your Parenting?

Feel better about your parenting skills now? Good. That was part of the purpose. We all fail. Some (me) more than others, but fiercely love them, and all will be well.

Remembering to be Grateful on the “Long Days”

One of Those “Long Days”

Today is one of those “long days.” The husband has to work a baseball game tonight, so he won’t be home until late. Normally, about dinner time and bath time I look at the clock and take a deep breath knowing that soon daddy will be home and it’s no longer zone defense but back to man to man – two on two; however, with a late game tonight, I will have to skip that deep breath and truck on along to bath time. A quick pause, can we seriously praise single parents!! They are certainly rock stars in my book, that’s for sure!

Example of a Previous “Long Day” in our Household

During one of these long nights not too long along, one had a fever while the other one was throwing up in the bathtub, which meant our entire bath time routine was out of whack. Routines are our lifeline around here. With two little ones, I have to stick to them, or I’d be put in a home. Especially when both of your little ones appear to be a little, ok a lot OCD and Type A. Sorry boys, you get it from both of us. You had no hope.

Normally I have jammies and diapers in the bathroom so I can get one child out and dressed while the other one plays in the tub for a few more minutes. Heaven knows if I left my daredevil two year old in the tub for a few minutes without being in there, which I don’t recommend doing ever anyways, the bathroom would be a swimming pool with water everywhere, and he’d be jumping off the edge of the tub like it was a diving board. Better to just avoid any circumstance that could possibly include a trip to the ER.

Since I couldn’t follow our normal routine, that meant the older one sat naked in his rocking chair and rocked while I got the little one ready for bed. I put his jammies on and set him down on the floor, started dressing the other one, and then I heard the “baby” playing in water. Pause. I ran to the bathroom, and of course he had found the toilet. He was just standing there a splish splashing. Not only did he find the toilet, but there was a blood trail from the bedroom room to the toilet, so I’m asking myself what on Earth happened.

What Had Happened Was

Well what had happened was… his finger got stepped on and turned black and swollen from the blood underneath the nail awhile back. We had been waiting for the nail to fall off, but it just hadn’t gotten that far yet. Well, apparently the blood decided it was tired of being trapped under the nail and thought that night would be a great night to start oozing out. Hello blood trail. I got him a band aid and of course he chewed it off in under a minute flat. Someone in the medical field should really invent a way to stop a child’s finger from bleeding because band aids just aren’t a viable option with a one year old. Million dollar idea, someone run with it!

At this point, the older one also got to the toilet and pretended to smash his finger in there because he too had a “boo boo” and needed a band aid. I’ll give him points for associating that’s where the baby’s finger was bleeding, so he needed to go there too.

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Seriously though, I needed some wine. I always ask myself if it’s inappropriate to have a drink in the evening before the boys go to bed, but I always immediately feel guilty for that. It’s that Catholic conscience of mine. Thanks Dad. His favorite phrase to my sisters and me growing up was, “Let your conscience be your guide.”

It would go something like this:

Me: Dad, can I go to this party?
Dad: Let your conscience be your guide.

Me: Dad, can I stay at this house after prom?
Dad: Let your conscience be your guide.

Me: Dad, I don’t think I’m going to youth group tonight.
Dad: Let your conscience be your guide.

Oh how I hated when he said that, but don’t doubt for a second that I don’t plan on using it myself when my kiddos get older. Clearly it was effective.

Back to the Story

Anyways, back to the story, I got both kids settled down and dwindled a few more minutes off the clock until the baby just couldn’t hold it together another minute without some milk. I picked him up, he’s pretty darn heavy, so I kind of carried him by his stomach in one hand and the milk in the other. Why is that important? Well, he threw up again. Yes, really.

We cleaned up and went to his room for bedtime. On nights that Chad isn’t home, the older one comes with me to to the baby’s room and sits in the glider with us until I lay him down. Sounds sweet and all, but normally I’m telling him to stop screaming, whisper and to sit down. That night was no different, eventually I was telling him those things, but in the brief few moments before that, it made the whole #jesusandwine night worth it.

Be Still My Heart

I’m cradling one in my left arm while he was drinking his bottle, and the other was sitting in my right arm. My big boy said, “twinkle twinkle star.” This is his favorite song. I sing it to him most nights, so again, points for associating baby’s bedtime with his own bedtime song. So, together we sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I looked down and baby boy was smiling up at us. Oh, be still my heart. Then, brother said, “happy birthday?!” Another top three favorite song of his, as this is the song sung while we brush his teeth. So naturally, we sang Happy Birthday as we tried to drift baby off to sleep, and again, he smiled. Doesn’t everyone sing Happy Birthday as a lullaby? That was about big brother’s limit of sitting and being sweet, so the loud talking and the standing in the glider began, which meant baby got tossed in bed quickly so I could get the screaming child away from him.

I put the two year old in his bed, and he said, “momma sit.” That’s the norm these days. He wants me to sit by his bed while he holds my thumb (this has been his comfort since he was born pretty much), so I do. While I’m sitting there, we said our prayers. As ready as I was to drink my wine and watch my shows, I knew deep down they wouldn’t always want to hold my hand and have me rock them, so I sat there just a bit longer than normal, and I quietly thanked God for choosing me to be their mom.

Bring It On

I know with another long night is ahead of us and me being outnumbered by the little ones, there will certainly be more #jesusandwine moments to document. Moments that will have me counting to five, or maybe ten so I don’t lose it; however whatever those moments may be, I know one thing for sure: I am certainly undeserving of those two, and oh so grateful they’re mine, so bring it on.

Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

Big boy bed, here we come!

Last week, it was time for James to take a nap. He got very mad at me, shocker. Remember those TERRORble two’s I was discussing in my previous post? I can’t even remember why he was mad, as that’s a norm around here. He wouldn’t calm down. He wouldn’t let me rock him or rub his back, He just screamed. I decided to leave him in his crib to calm down and knew I’d go back in there a few minutes, and he would probably be a little more reasonable.

Well, I never got that chance. Within a minute or two, I heard a door open. Since Weston was asleep, nor can he walk, and my mom was sitting on the couch, I knew it was James. But how?! I had just put him in his bed. I know I’m going crazy and have mommy brain ALL THE TIME, but I’m not that bad, right? I seriously looked back at the baby monitor to make sure I put that kid in his bed. Yep, sure did. He was so angry he climbed out of his crib (shocked we made it this long before it happened! – almost two and a half), and he opened the door and said, “momma!” Oh lawd. Here we go. Just when you think you’re figuring it all out, you have to go and transition to a toddler bed.

Don’t Fight Those Instincts

After this fun little #jesusandwine moment, Chad and I decided it was probably time for a big boy bed. So while my mom and I took the boys to see her family for the weekend, Chad was going to convert the crib to a toddler bed. I was second guessing our choice since he only climbed out that day (once at nap and once at bedtime) while he was mad, again a shocker I know. Well, just remember, don’t second guess those parental instincts. God gave them to you for a reason.

While we were visiting family, the boys slept in pack n plays. James was sleeping in the room with my mom, which had a queen size bed in it. I put him to bed, and he crawled out once and opened the door. I figured he was going to do it again, but it was quiet and he never came out, so I figured he went to sleep. A couple of hours passed, and I went to check on him as we always do before we go to bed. I looked in the pack n play, and he wasn’t there. Where is he?? I knew, again, I had definitely put him in there! It was a dark and unfamiliar room, so I was struggling to see where he was. Found him. That stinker had crawled out and was lying on his back. Arms and legs both spread open, in the queen size bed, dead asleep. THAT KID! Yep, definitely time for a big boy bed.

Let’s Do This

So, we came home on Sunday and Chad had the bed ready to go. We made a super, big deal about it to get him excited (and to hopefully avoid any panic for our child that doesn’t like change), and he was very excited! The first two nights in his bed he did great! But we all know that had to come to an end…

And So It Began…

This whole big boy bed stuff is for the birds. Hear me? FOR. THE. BIRDS. Pretty much every nap time and every bed time I find myself having a #jesusandwine moment.

He jumps. He plays. He kicks the wall. He screams and wakes brother up. He rocks. He reads. He strips. He unplugs things. He throws things. He does EVERYTHING you can imagine except for the one thing he is supposed to do… SLEEP! Help me. No, seriously, help me! Does anyone have suggestions for this brutal transition??

Thankfully, bed time seems to go a little better than nap time. Want to know why? Daddy is usually home. What is it with most children responding better to men than women? It is 100% unfair. He does get out of bed a few times at night and open the door and waltz his little self to the den, but after a few times of having Chad put him back in bed and telling him to lay down, he usually goes to sleep. But nap time? Nope, nope nope. Not happening. In fact, nap time just hasn’t been happening.

Some ask, “Well, do you think he’s just ready to not nap anymore?” Um no. Should we go anywhere after his missed nap time, he immediately falls asleep in the car. Or if nap time is just completely shot, he is such a joy to be around that day – insert eye roll. Even if he were, which I refuse to even think of that day, I wouldn’t allow it. Yeah, I know, just let me be naïve here and have some wishful thinking.

Killing This Mom Thing

Well, after a couple of times falling asleep in the car, I got a bright idea! Weston is asleep while James is supposed to be napping, so I clearly can’t take him for a joy ride, however, I can still put him in the car! He is an incredibly active two year old boy, so getting him to be still is hopeless, which means this is one reason as to why he won’t go to sleep. But when he is strapped in his car seat, get this… he can’t move! Ahhhhh, cue the angels singing voices.

So don’t you know sweet baby James and I took a trip to the car with a cup of milk and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. Don’t worry, we stayed in the driveway, and I had Weston’s baby monitor with me the whole time. Ten minutes later, the kid is out. Thankfully, he is a pretty heavy sleeper, so I can pick him up and put him in his bed. Can we just discuss how excited I am that today he is at Mother’s Day Out? Call me a bad mom for saying that, but today, I don’t have to battle nap time. All the praise hands!

Now, I know this is not helping my naptime predicament. In fact, it is probably making it much worse. But sometimes, momma needs both kids to nap at the same time in order to maintain some type of sanity and to get anything done around the house. No judgments, please. I know this is the worst solution ever to my problem, but it is what it is for the time being, and I have had three peaceful nap days where I have managed to get a load of laundry finished.

Also, I am a complete advocate for doing what’s best for you and your child, and doing what works for y’all. You have to do you! That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla, orange juice and apple juice. However, I would like to change this weeks’ car routine, so please, comment with your suggestions as to how to transition to a big boy bed. As I’m sure you can relate, I feel like I’ve read it all, and I keep having the same results… #jesusandwine.

Terrible Two’s

TERRORble Two’s

Boy oh boy, did whoever named the terrible two’s accurately do so. The only thing I would change would be the spelling. It should be the TERRORble two’s because at times, my two year old is a holy terror. Don’t get me wrong. I love him dearly and adore his strong personality that I know will get him far in life one day, but I simply cannot make up the things he chooses to throw down about. Yes, that’s right, THROW DOWN. Sometimes our entire day is just that, a throw down. And I’ve been told the three’s are worse. The only thought I have on that is, “How can that be possible?!” That’s a rhetorical question. If you know, please don’t tell me. I’d like to live naively for just a bit longer. If you do not follow #assholeparents on instagram, GO NOW. It is seriously amazing. It sums up my life in hysterical pictures and comments, that once again, you just can’t make up. Now, let’s just take a glimpse into a few terrible two moments, aka #jesusandwine moments, from today. Trust me, there will be many more documented in the future.

Let Me Throw Down

Before James goes to sleep (nap or bedtime), he likes to watch a little of his favorite, Mickey Mouse. It’s usually time to go to bed before the show is over, which James does not like. I can’t really blame him on this one. Who wants to go to sleep in the middle of their favorite show? Anyways, Chad and I so cleverly, at least we thought, figured out that if we fast forward to the end of the show, the fan favorite Hot Dog Dance, James thought Mickey Mouse too was going night night, and he would willingly go to his room. Well, all good things must come to an end, right? That end came this morning. James figured out what I was doing, and what do you think he did? Threw down of course. Stomping those footed pajama feet of his and screaming. It’s never too early for Jesus, but is it too early for wine?

And yes, he is two and I put him in footie pajamas for nap time. Want to know why? If I don’t, the beginning of nap time results in James stripping, including his diaper, going to the bathroom in his crib, and momma changing crib sheets for the 10th time this week. You my child always have the cleanest sheets in the house. Your Mac would be so jealous of how often your sheets are changed. I would google, “How to get your child to stop stripping,” but I’m thinking I might not get the best search results.

At Least We Have Manners

James goes to school two day’s a week. He screams every time I drop him off. I ask his teacher every time I pick him up if he behaved, and she always tells me yes, but she doesn’t elaborate. The former teacher in me doesn’t think she’s telling me the whole truth. I know there have been a few times that unless a student did something the parent really needed to know about, I probably fibbed a little bit as to their child’s everyday behavior.

My mom was in town last week and picked him up from school. His teacher told my mom that he was so sweet and had the best manners. My question to my mom was, “Why can’t he be like that at home?” Sweet that is. I’ll give him one thing, he is so mannerly. Chad and I always discuss how if our children misbehave, we want it to be at home as opposed to in public. Of course we want them to behave at home, but if they just cant manage to hold it together one more second, we’d rather them behave in public than in front of us. I told Chad the other day that James may be terrible at times, but he’s going to have manners while being terrible. Give me a moment to brag, please. The sweet little thing say’s ma’am and sir, thank you, you’re welcome, please, and my personal favorite, “ blesh”, aka, bless you. Please don’t let that baby figure out the words are actually bless you anytime soon.

The Silver Lining

After bath time this week, Chad was getting James dressed for bed, and I was getting Weston dressed for bed. I am always thankful when Chad’s there so we can tag team them. They may have been fighting over me and hanging on me all day long, but when Daddy walks through that door, it becomes a quick, “Who’s Momma?”

Weston has a canvas above his changing table that of course he has figured out how to kick off the wall with his feet. Naturally because why would we have one calm place where we don’t find something to mess up? Does that place exist?

So in due time, he did just that, kicked it off. It landed on my head. I must have made a loud comment because the next thing I heard was James screaming from the room next door, “You ok momma?” Oh, be still my heart. Those few seconds make those terrible two tantrums leave your mind and fall in love all over again. Until the next tantrum of course, which probably happened five minutes later.

The night came to an end as they always do, even though some days I feel like they’ll go on and on. At the end of the night, I said thank you Jesus for my boys and wished I had a bottle of Moscato chilled in the fridge.

Jesus and Wine

Staying Connected

I’m sure we all have those running group messages on our phones. You know, those messages that allow us to stay connected in those important relationships that, let’s face it, we just don’t get to enjoy as much as we’d like. I know I have several of these ongoing groups, and I’m so thankful for them. We each go on with our day-to-day activities, and many of us do this life we live without those important people geographically close to us. But those brief glimpses of each other’s lives allow us to enjoy one another and remember the times that initially brought us together.

One of those running group messages I have is with my friends from college. You spend four years of your life (maybe longer), day-in and day-out, with these people, your people. Then in no time, you all go your separate ways. There are few of us that live in close proximity, so these messages serve, in a way, as our life line to one another.

Another one of those group messages I have is with my sisters. My am I ever thankful for those two! Since my family just recently moved 600 miles away from them, I am once again, ever thankful for technology. They’re my sounding board for my various venture seeking ideas (these usually happen during nap time), the ones I can send 1,000 snapchats of my kids to and they’ll always love getting them, and two that I know are always a constant, no matter what season I’m in.

How it All Began

During one of our group messages, one of my sisters told me they thought I should just start a blog. I think they were trying to start an intervention because they were sick of me sharing new, weekly business ideas with them. Again, during nap time when I should be cleaning, my mind runs a little wild. Lucky them, they get to hear about it all. Little did they know, I’d take their little blogging advice. Thanks sisters!

With this blogging venture obviously comes technology. I have a love hate relationship with technology. It is ever changing our world both in good ways and bad ways. The bad: I spend way too much time on social media. Just ask my husband, and I worry about raising kids with technology and monitoring what they’re exposed to; however, my love for it comes in the fact that because of this tech world we live in, we have the opportunity to continue to share with those close to us through words, pictures, and videos. It can make us feel as if the distance isn’t quite so far, even if for just a moment.

My season of life right now is pretty simple in words. Wife and mom. Of course, also daughter, sister, friend, but those two words, wife and mom, sum up my everyday life. It’s a hard season, but it’s one that I wouldn’t change for the world.
Not too long ago, in this college friend running group message of ours, one of my friends said when they started having kids, they would need some parenting advice. My advice was simple: “Jesus and wine. Lots of Jesus. Lots of wine.” Side note: This is especially true during supper and bath time. At these times, you’ll need even more Jesus and want even more wine.

Let me stop you right there. Please keep reading. I know that not everyone chooses to drink, can drink, agrees with drinking, etc. Jesus and wine is an expression for a moment. That moment your child is taking off their diaper and saying, “Momma, I potty on floor”, or the moment when your child hasn’t adjusted to their new bed and after trying for an hour and a half to get them to nap in it you just give up, or the moment when your two year old takes the newly filled salt shaker and sprinkles a little salt in every room of the house. Those are Jesus and wine moments. When you think oh my goodness, I can’t make it one more minute in this day. I have T-minus 5 hours until bedtime when I can enjoy some Jesus and wine. So, please substitute whatever it is you dream of having at the end of the day when everyone is fed and tucked away fast asleep. Jesus and coffee. Jesus and a bubble bath. Jesus and Parenthood. And probably every parents favorite, Jesus and sleep. Anyways, off my soap box and back to the story.

This college friend of mine seeking future parenting advice responded saying that sounded like the great start to a memoir. She got me thinking, you know, the way those important people in your life make you do. I am definitely not starting a memoir for everyone’s sake, but I do want to document this season.

Jesus and Wine

Every day has ups and downs, smiles and frowns, laughs and cries (sometimes their cries, sometimes mine). Every day is busy. Every day comes to an end. Because of how wild each day is with these crazy, fun, and honestly, sometimes frustrating boys of mine, it’s easy to forget at the end of the day what made me want to pull my hair out that day and what made me laugh until I cried.

When people see me and how close in age my boys are to one another (15 months – yes, we know how it happens, thanks), I get many comments. Many unwarranted comments as we all know people these days have no filters; however, many people often tell me, while they’re witnessing one of those before mentioned tantrums, or me loading two kids two and under into our very heavy double stroller (imagine how graceful I look), “the days are long, but the years are short.” The days are in fact, very long, but as we just celebrated a second birthday and a first birthday, I am learning more than ever, the years are in fact just that. Short. And I don’t want to forget one day. Well ok, let’s be honest, maybe a day here and there wouldn’t be bad to forget.

This is a way to document those long days, happy days, and Jesus and wine moments. For me, for my husband, for my boys, our families, and for those important relationships we keep up with through group messaging. Hopefully, it will also be a way to provide entertainment, support, and a sigh of relief to another mom out there who faces the same challenges I do. My theory is, if someone else has googled it before you, i.e., how to get your child to stay in their bed, how to get your child to stay in time out, how to get your child to stop running in the street, etc., you can’t be the only one wondering if you’re doing this whole parenting thing wrong. I assure you, that one, you’re not alone, and two, you’re not doing it wrong. Just the simple fact that your googling it makes you at least a mediocre parent, right?

A long first post but a document as to how I got here. I hope you decide to join me on this exciting journey and find yourself relating to our crazy, circus-like, Jesus-loving adventure we call life. Now let me run, those wild boys are currently wrestling in our makeshift ball pit while trying to knock pictures off the wall. I know today I’ll need lots of Jesus, and maybe even a little wine. Continue reading “Jesus and Wine”