Hey y’all! My name is Casey. I was born and raised in Mississippi and recently moved with my husband, Chad, and our two boys, James and Weston, to Texas! We are transitioning to the big city life and learning how to be in a new place that has so much to offer but without our family and friends geographically close to us. We have two active and curious boys ages one and two. I am learning oh so much while I try to go from working, teacher mom to SAHM. I want to share support, entertainment, and encouragement for these wild and crazy days as a parent.

I have learned so much since being a SAHM, especially that I need more Jesus and more wine! Parenting is by far the hardest job whether you work or stay at home with your kiddos, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. I will write about my parenting journey including real life Pinterest fails and the few successful projects that happen once in a blue moon in hopes to give tips, ideas, or simply a renewed spirit knowing you’re not alone. Join me in the moments that all parents have throughout their day where they have themselves asking for Jesus and wine, and please share your Jesus and wine moments too! Laugh with me through the tantrums, the sleep training, the potty training, the terrible twos, and all the sweet moments that make up parenthood. To read about how to blog all began, read my first post that start this blogging journey here.